Containers help to create seamless journeys and minimise disruption at Auckland Airport

Auckland hoarding

  • Royal Wolf work with Icon to create large scale container walkways
  • Containerised solutions make for seamless journeys safety priority

Minimising disruption

To ensure seamless journeys, pedestrian safety and to help minimise disruption during construction of Auckland Airport’s $300 million Transport Hub, Royal Wolf worked with lead contractor Icon to design and install 43 20-foot container hoardings around the site.

With Auckland Airport ramping back up to pre-covid levels, the containerised solution helps to ensure safe passageway for travellers, visitors and workers while construction work is under way.  

The new Transportation Hub will transform the existing carpark area in front of the airport’s international terminal entrance to significantly enhance the experience of passengers and visitors.

The safest, best-looking solution

The hoarding containers are positioned, and linked together, to minimise the amount of space on the airport site while providing maximum protection over-head and at ground level.

Entry points to the containers are aligned with existing pedestrian access ways and traffic light crossings. 

With the long-term nature of the project, it was key to ensure the containers were as aesthetically appealing as possible. The hoardings have been customised and skinned – in either black or with colourful designs – to look great and provide a semi-permanent feel to the structure. 

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