Containers get result in a tight spot

Mt Eden

  • Stackable containers maximise space on steep, tight site
  • Containerised amenities for year-long apartment development
  • Containers provide protection on busy pedestrian and traffic area

Solving safety and site challenges

A new apartment development on a steep, tight site on Mt Eden Rd in central Auckland presented Royal Wolf and Canam Commercial with both a space and safety problem.   

The site, which overlooks the development of Mt Eden Train Station, which is part of the CRL development. which alongside the footpath with the building rising out of the ground right in front of the container set up. 

Royalwolf Business Development Manager James Norman worked with Canam to come up with the solution made up of an office container and a lunchroom on top of two hoardings (container walkways). Platforms and barriers on the top level create a balcony which overlooks the entire site.

James says the new building will rise out of the ground within an arms reach of the container setup.   

“It’s a really tight site,” he says. “We had to consider the very busy footpath traffic and keeping pedestrians and motorists safe while also providing enough office space and a lunchroom for the Canam team.

“It was challenging but the beauty of containers is they can be stacked to maximise even the smallest and tightest spaces which is key on restrictive inner-city sites.” 

Strong, practical, professional     

Canam Commercial Project Manager Dallas Williams says the containers create a solid, protective screen from work being done on site as well as providing a professional and clean façade for the site.  

“The container configuration Royal Wolf came up with met all our requirements on what is a tricky site given its location in a busy area, the gradient, and small area.

“The double stack maximises the space and provides more than enough room for a safe and secure on-site accommodation solution for the whole team.”

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