Container key for Waka of Caring

Waka of Caring

Debbie Munroe and her team of volunteers at Waka Of Caring in Auckland feed and look after families in need and the homeless on a daily basis.

Everything on offer – from food and clothes to linen and household appliances – is free to the many people who call in to the foodbank and community centre in Manurewa.   

“I say to them if you give me a smile, you can have whatever you like,” says Munroe, who is better known in the local community as “Whaea Debs”.

Waka of Caring

It’s important work and they love what they do. However, Debs and her team had a major storage problem.

“Our building couldn’t cope with the amount of donated food and supplies people donate,” she says.  

To help meet their storage needs Royal Wolf partnered with Waka of Caring and supplied a 10-foot Wolf Lock container to provide safe and secure storage for the large quantity of goods before it is allocated to the community.

Run by five regular volunteers, Debs says the centre also gets assistance from other members of the community who just drop in and offer their time.

“Quite often people come in to get clothes, they start folding them and they end up staying here for a couple of hours helping out.    

“We do everything from feed people, to provide families in need with new clothes, so the container means we have a secure place to store everything before we get it out to our families.”

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