Container bridge a logistical challenge

Burt Munro Bridge

  • Containers provide safe passage for spectators at annual street race
  • Iconic event a tribute to Invercargill motorcycle enthusiast Burt Munro

A specially constructed container bridge provides spectators access to key vantage points when the streets of Invercargill come alive with the roar of motorbikes for the annual Burt Munro Challenge.  

Made up of two 20-foot units, with one on each side of the track, and a 40-foot container making up the main span, the bridge allows the crowd to walk safely from the outside to the inside of the track.

Invercargill Branch Manager, Andie Sherlock, says the container bridge showcases the versatility and efficiency of shipping containers at an iconic local event.  

“The Burt Munro Challenge is a truly incredible event and even though we have worked with the team for six years now the construction of the bridge is still a logistical challenge. But once it’s in place, it’s very impressive and plays a key safety role at the races and ensures the event runs seamlessly.

“The container bridge highlights the capability of Royal Wolf containers to deliver bespoke shipping container projects and how we can bring ideas to life for our clients.”

Iconic event for local icon

The Burt Munro Challenge was established by the Southland Motorcycle Club in 2006 as a tribute to Munro following the world-wide success of bio-pic The World’s Fastest Indian which documented his ingenuity, determination, and love of speed and motorcycles.

The five-day event includes hill climbs and races on Oreti Beach, culminating on Sunday with racing around a street circuit in Invercargill.

The street races attract thousands of spectators and feature a wide range of bikes, from highly-tuned, modern racing machines to lovingly-restored vintage motorcycles. 

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