Royal Wolf to the rescue in Wellington’s Ngaio Gorge

A two storey wall of Royal Wolf shipping containers has been built on Wellington’s Ngaio Gorge Rd to protect vehicles and pedestrians from further rock falls following a major landslide.

The road, which is a major route connecting Wellington’s CBD to the western suburbs, was closed for more than two weeks following the slip which left more than 1,300 cubic metres of rock and rubble across the road.

Once the slip was cleared, four Royal Wolf containers were located temporarily in front of the slip to stop any further debris falling onto the road.

The next stage involved drilling holes into the base of the slip to anchor the container wall in place.

Eighteen 20-foot Royal Wolf containers – filled with concrete ballast – were used to form a 60m wall which curls tightly around the side of the hill to prevent further slips blocking the road and ensuring public safety.

While Royal Wolf containers have been used in the capital to protect the public from earthquake prone buildings and as hoardings – or pedestrian walkways – around construction sites, this is the first time they have been used to help lessen the impact of landslides and slips.

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