Meet Your Wolf Pack - James Norman

James Norman

James Norman loves making people laugh and smile. This self-confessed family man enjoys being part of an interesting team and helping customers create their ‘dream build’ with shipping containers.

“I have been involved in shipping and working with containers for most of my career. I emigrated from South Africa to New Zealand and was blessed with receiving the opportunity to join the Wolf Pack at Royal Wolf in Auckland,” says James.

In his role as Sales Manager,  James leads his team to be the best they can be. “I work with an interesting team in the Auckland branch. We all have a ‘YES’ attitude and make things happen for our customers,” says James.

“It’s all about the customer’s needs, whether it’s hiring, buying or modifying shipping containers. I enjoy meeting new people every day, listening to them and offering them solutions for their storage needs.”

“I have heaps of interesting stories about shipping containers, but the latest one is ‘Bikes in School’, James continues. “Papakura Central School wanted a place where the kids could store their bikes. So we modified a shipping container with an internal bike and helmet fit out where everything could be safely and securely stored. The principal was grateful for the fantastic resource and even invited me to the opening ceremony once the project is complete,” says James.

Outside of work, James has lots of different interests. One of his favourites? Music.

“When I come down the road to work, they can hear me from a mile away,” he says. “I love music, very loud music. I also love luxurious and fast cars. But above it all, I’m a family man. I love my family with all my heart.”

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