Customised Container Home

When deciding on building a shipping container home, there are a lot of considerations that need to be researched prior to making any substantial investment.

With the right approach, planning and resourcing, container houses can be quite magnificent.

At Royal Wolf, we recommend that you first engage an architect who can work with you on your design to ensure all building code compliances are met. The architect will create the drawings and documentation you require to gain development application approval.

Container houses can be significant projects so research your builder well. These builds are best suited to “project style” builders who have experience and understand the challenges with bespoke building projects.

When it comes to the containers and structural modifications, you need a quality fabricator and an engineer to provide a design certificate. For this service there is no better choice than Royal Wolf. When you have your architectural drawings completed, contact one of our helpful sales professionals for a quote.

*Please note that when it comes to bespoke container house projects, Royal Wolf services are limited to the container supply and structural modifications only. Internal/external finishes, electrical, plumbing lining etc need to be completed onsite in order to complete a quality and continuous finish.

Customised Container HomeCustomised Container Home