Customised Accommodation

Shipping containers are extremely strong, durable and versatile which makes them ideal to be customised into an endless array of practical solutions.

We have years of experience in helping customers transform their ideas into reality with in-house engineers and draftsman to assist in the design and a production team to ensure quality workmanship in the final product.

Transport Options

Tilt Tray (standard delivery for 8', 10', and 20' containers): The truck reverses to the delivery point where the tray of the truck tilts to the ground and the container slides off the back.

Side Loader (standard delivery for 40' or delivery into tight spaces): The side loader truck delivers the container by picking it up from the trucks tray at each end of hte unit and lowering it onto the site directly next to the truck's tray. This method is ideal for delivery of containers that need to fit into constricted spaces.

Hiab (used when neither standard delivery options are suitable - ie. over obstructions like fences): A hiab is a truck that has a crane attached to it. This delivery method is used when neither a tilt tray or side loader truck can access the site. Hiab delivery allows for containers to be delivered over obstructions such as fences.

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