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Container Modifications: The possibilities are endless

Container modifications: The possibilities are endless

  • Royalwolf modify containers to meet a client’s specific needs
  • From basic modifications to high end bespoke solutions
  • Portability and efficiency are key

Problem solvers

Royalwolf work closely with customers to make their ideas a reality and help solve business challenges.

In this video, New Zealand Executive General Manager, Paul Creighton, discusses the innovation, engineering, and design-led approach that transforms traditional shipping containers into a wide range of products.

Sky is the limit  

From dog kennels for the Defence Force to a portable ice cream factory, the possibilities when modifying containers are endless.

One large-scale project, which involved both Australia and New Zealand design and engineering teams, was a collaboration with KiwiRail to create a new container product to increase efficiencies and capability when transporting logs.

Royalwolf worked closely with KiwiRail to develop a prototype, then a batch of sample containers, before the final delivery of 484 logging cradle cassette containers.

container modifications

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